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Wendy Williams has been revealed as the woman in the lips costume on The Masked Singer. The talk show host was sent home after hilariously performing “Native New Yorker” by Odyssey.

According to Today, judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger guessed her identity before she took to the stage, thanks to her prerecorded clues. They add that since Nick Cannon is friends with Wendy, he had to keep it a secret.

After she was off the show, Wendy spoke about the costume she chose. She said, “I love my legs, so I wanted to show those off. We would have fittings every day, and they would have to hold on the giant headpiece with a harness around my legs. It was so heavy. After they made some adjustments, it kept getting better and better.” She added that the costume was about 50 pounds.

She then talked about the process of staying hidden behind the scenes. She said, “It’s all so secretive that it was hard knowing who else was going to be on the stage — they had me in a giant mask, shield, huge black hood. I had to wear my hair in a ponytail so no one could see if I was a man or a woman, blonde or brunette, so I never saw anyone!”

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