Drawing Every Team’s Logo In The NFL By Memory (VIDEO)

Sunday isn't often a day you look forward to. It's the final day of the weekend, and the next day you're back to work. However, come September everything changes. Sunday becomes the most anticipated day of the week, and why? Because of NFL football. Despite watching football every Sunday, drawing every NFL team logo by memory still proves to be difficult. I'm familiar with all 32 teams in the NFL. Most football fans are. However, when it comes time to draw their logos it becomes more difficult to remember all the tiny nuances in the team's logos. It also doesn't help that I have zero (0) drawing skills. Honestly, my drawing skills are probably on par with a Kindergartener or Elementary student. Drawing Every NFL Team's Logo I'm not afraid to be honest about my flaws. I'll proudly come out and say it: I cannot draw. It's something I've never been able to do. In fact, basically anything that has to do with arts and crafts I'm terrible at. Cutting with scissors? No idea how to keep it straight. Handwriting? Absolutely horrid. Drawing? Dreadful. Thankfully, I have (some) skills in other fields so I don't have to worry about being terrible at drawing. Something I'm good at? Making fun of myself. So, I found a way to incorporate this skill with my lack of skills in drawing. I decided I was going to go out and have my other fellow football fans identify NFL teams by my terrible drawing. So, I got out some paper, found a pen, and got to drawing. Of course, to add to the fun I had to implement some basic rules for myself. The first rule? No looking up the logos. I have to do it all by memory. Google'ing or looking up their logos for help is cheating, and would disqualify me from the project. Additionally, I get one shot for each logo. If I notice something wrong, too bad. These drawings are set in stone and there's no going back. I simply must own my mistakes. As far as rules go, that was pretty much it. In the words of Eric Cartman, "I don't make the rules. I just think them up and write them down." Now that we've established the rules, let's get to the game! Let's see if these football fans are able to identify what team logo I've drawn, or if the drawings are too terrible to even recognize. After you watch the video, keep scrolling to check out every horrible drawing from all 32 teams in the NFL! Good luck! [embed][/embed] Well, they did about as well as I expected them to do. Can't say it's their fault. I think I have to own this one. Keep scrolling to see my drawing of all 32 NFL teams!

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