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There’s at least 20 that you’ve heard of for sure. 

In the years of the SoundCloud rapper, there are a lot of people trying to make a name for themselves. But many have chosen to go under the prefix of Lil’ before said rapper name.

A site called VLADTV shares the information, and though the stats still need to be researched for the exact count, the point that they share is there are already at least 20 that they could list that we’ve heard of, which is honestly enough for me. Looking it up online shows an endless list of Lil’s too.

VLADTV’s list is as follows:

1. Lil Wayne

2. Lil Uzi Vert

3. Lil Yachty

4. Lil Pump

5. Lil’ Kleine

6. Lil Dicky

7. Lil Jon

8. Lil Peep

9. Lil Xan

10. Lil Skies

11. Lil’ Kim

12. Lil Durk

13. Lil Baby

14. LiL Ronnie

15. Lil’ Mo

16. Lil’ Troy

17. Lil’ Flip

18. Lil Wyte

19. Lil Rob

20. Lil’ Will


And just because I was curious as a journalist – I looked to see how many artists that start with the name Big as well – news flash – It’s a lot. So, y’know, if that ever comes up in trivia night at the bar, at least now you know.