TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 10: Takeshi Masuma, a Getty Images Field Sales Executive and colleague of the photographer, takes part in a Zoom meeting with colleagues while working from home during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic on April 10, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Japan recently declared a state of emergency that covers 7 of Japans 47 prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka, as the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the country. Many companies have asked staff to work from home as infection rates climb. Tokyo recorded 189 new infections on Friday bringing the total in the capital to 1,708 with 99 deaths nationwide. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Scheduled Zoom chats with family and friends have become the norm. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing it. 

How do tactfully you tell your people that you aren’t in the mood to jump on Zoom with high school friends or cousins again?

Experts say the best way to get out of a pre-planned call is to tell everyone that you have a time limit. For whatever reason, tell them you can only spend a certain amount of time on the call.

If you don’t want to do a video call at all, be polite and say “No thanks.” Let them know that you need a break from screen time and you will catch up with them later. Make the change positive and plan for a future time to chat.

Have you gotten Zoom fatigue?