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I hate to be the one to tell you, but all these things happened 20 short years ago! How many do you actually remember?

⇒ The original “X-Men” movie was released, cementing Hugh Jackman as a Hollywood A-lister.

X-Men (2000) - Hugh Jackman Screen Test

X-Men (2000) - Hugh Jackman Screen Test

⇒ The Nokia 3390 cellphone hit the market, and everyone HAD to have one.

⇒ Brad Pitt was named People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive” for the second time.

⇒ The Sims video game had everyone creating fake families on their computers.

Evolution Of The Sims Games 2000-2020

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⇒ ‘NSync was the biggest boy band in the world, selling 9.9 million copies of their “No Strings Attached” album before the end of the year.

⇒ A sometimes-naked Richard Hatch won the first season of “Survivor”, the highest rated show of the year.

⇒ Maude Flanders, wife of Ned and neighbor to Homer and Marge, was killed off on “The Simpsons”.

⇒ Heinz introduced purple and green colored ketchup into their EZ Squirt line of “kid-friendly” nozzled bottles.

purple and green ketchup

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20 years ago is also the last time it was cool to write “Y2K”!