(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

The streaming service is filming in the tiny Michigan town for “Netflix is a Joke” and everyone is welcome to join in!

Of all the interesting Michigan city names, Hell is probably the most popular. Many couples have gotten married in the town in the winter because “Hell finally froze over.” Road trippers make a detour to take a picture of the “Welcome to Hell” sign.

So it’s no wonder that the small town caught the eye of Netflix executives working on their comedy channel, “Netflix is a Joke.” Not only will they film in Hell, they’ll also film in Weed, California, Knockemstiff, Ohio, and, of course, Climax, Michigan.

If you are lucky enough to spot the Netflix truck out and about in Hell, you’ll get yourself free food. So tell someone to “go to Hell” today and cross your fingers they’ll be winners.

Have you ever been to Hell? How was it??