For girls and boys of color, it can be hard to find toys that represent them. Minorities have not often been princesses in movies or heroes in children’s shows.

Now, Detroit-based entrepreneur Yelitsa Jean-Charles, CEO of Healthy Roots Dolls is working to help girls of color feel like they have a doll that looks like them…

“The first thing a lot of kids say is, ‘She looks just like me,‘”Jean-Charles said. “Even though it’s not a carbon copy, but because it’s a variation of a product that they’ve never gotten to see before. It’s supposed to resemble you in some way and you feel seen.”

With the national spotlight on race and race relations, Healthy Roots Dolls seem to be a timely symbol of equality. Times being what they are, along with a viral tweet, has business booming.

“In the midst of all that turmoil, seeing a positive product that is addressing the issue from a different side really gives people hope in work that people can be doing at home, in a small way,” Jean-Charles said.

Courtesy of Local 4 Detroit