Does this mean that Deadpool can finally be part of the Avengers?

According to CNN, both parties of Disney and 21st Century Fox have approved the sale, and on top of gaining movie franchises from ‘X-Men’ to ‘Avatar,’ they have also picked up FX and National Geographic.

That’s right, that probably makes Jessica Lange an honorary Disney Princess for her involvement in ‘American Horror Story.’ 

Fox will keep Fox News, Fox Sports, and the Fox Broadcasting Network.

From the report:

In a statement, Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch said he expects the new, combined company to become “pre-eminent in the entertainment and media industries.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger added in a statement that his company is “grateful” to Murdoch and the Fox board “for entrusting us with the future of these extraordinary businesses.”


Initially, Comcast was in the running to capitalize on Fox, but once Disney upped their offer, they backed out.