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Popeyes Brings The Chicken, You Bring The Buns! #BYOB

The Popeyes chicken sandwich has finally returned! Well, not exactly…

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After unexpected hype surrounding the release of the chain’s chicken sandwich which saw long lines inside and outside the fast food restaurant, Popeyes decided it was best to put the item on the shelf, at least for a little while.

This decision left many customers either going through withdrawals, craving one more taste of the tasty sandwich, and many more upset that they never had a chance to even give it a try!

Popeyes has a solution for those who feel a little fried about not experiencing the sandwich that seemingly kicked off “The Chicken Sandwich War of 2019” – make it yourself.

The chain sent out a Tweet this past Thursday promoting their “B.Y.O.B. Chicken Sandwich”…

The video attached in the tweet more or less expresses the quick Internet backlash that followed.

It makes you wonder if Popeyes is having a little too much fun in what feels like trolling the public.

Are YOU willing to B.Y.O.B. and make your own sandwich?


“Empire” Actor, Terrence Howard To Retire

Actor, Terrence Howard who plays Lucious Lyon on Fox’s “Empire” has announced he will call it a career when the show comes to an end.

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In a recent interview with Extra’s Cheslie Kryst, Howard stated that once the “Empire” series comes to a close, he will close the door on his acting career.

When pressed for more information on what he meant, Howard said, “I’m done with acting. I’m done pretending.”

Howard was asked if he would take on a life of philanthropy and public service to which he responded, “No, not philanthropy, I’m just focusing on bringing truth to the world.”

No details were given as to what exactly that “truth” would be.

“Empire” makes it return to Fox on September 24th, 2019.


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