Everyone’s two favorite cops in Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are back at it again with “Bad Boys for Life,” the third installment of the Bad Boys series.

The “Bad Boys for Life” movie starts 2020 off with an impressive $73 Million box office debut in the U.S. Making it the second-biggest release in the month of January behind 2015’s “American Sniper” ($107.2 million).

So far, the movie has received mostly positive reviews from critics and on social media. SONY borrowed a few concepts from other fan-favorite sequels. Including, Fast & Furious, Live Free & Die Hard and Mission Impossible to bring life back into the series.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“Bad Boys II” came out in 2003 and has grossed over $138 million in the U.S. “Bad Boys for Life” is already on pace to surpass that and the film was directed and produced on a much cheaper budget ($90 million).

SONY announced last week that Bad Boys 4 is already in the works. Hopefully, it won’t take another 17 years to get these two guys back into the action.

Have you seen the movie? Where does it rank in the Bad Boys series?

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