Here’s an arrest that’s a real “adding insult to injury” situation.

A 37-year-old woman in Stamford, Connecticut took her truck out to a parking lot during the big snowstorm on Monday to do the only logical thing . . . rip some sweet donuts.

But she lost control, and her truck fell into the icy harbor next to the lot.

The fire department had to rescue the woman and a guy who was in the truck with her.  The rescue took about an hour as the truck slowly sank through the ice.  The guy was even totally submerged for 15 seconds before dive crews rescued him.

The guy was taken to the hospital for treatment, but the woman refused.

And . . . she was charged with reckless operation.

Amid snowstorm, truck falls into water at Cummings Park in Stamford

STAMFORD - A truck fell into the harbor at Cummings Park on Monday afternoon after the driver was doing "doughnuts" in the fresh snow in the parking lot, according to Stamford Police. A man and a woman inside the vehicle were able to safely get back to shore.