Even though we aren’t able to sight see at the Detroit Zoo right now, we will get to experience two new surprises when we’re able to return! The Detroit Zoo has welcomed the first two polar bear cubs born since 2004! You’ve gotta watch the video below! They’re so darn CUTE!

According to WDIV Local 4, ” the first time in nearly two decades, polar bear cubs were born and are being successfully raised at the Detroit Zoo. On Nov. 17, 2020, officials say 8-year-old mother Suka gave birth to two polar bear cubs who are now being raised at the zoo — one by Suka, and the other by staff. Zoo officials said the cubs, who are still currently unnamed, were born in a specially-designed, private maternity den away from the other bears in the enclosure. The den is equipped with infrared video cameras that staff use to monitor the mother and cubs without disturbing them.”

Soon after the two adorable cubs were welcomed to the world , zoo workers observed that one of the cubs appeared to be inactive and weak. That female cub was monitored at the Detroit Zoo’s Ruth Roby Glancy Animal Health Complex, where she was  heavily watched and monitored by zoo officials. According to WXYZ, “the cub went from weighing 1.2 pounds at 2 days old, to 11.3 pounds today. She’s now moved from an incubator to a playpen. Zoo officials say she’ll eventually move on to live with other bears, but it’s unclear now if she’ll be reunited with her mother and sibling.” The zoo staff say Suka has been an attentive mother to the cub in her care, continually nursing, grooming and cuddling with the baby.

For more information on polar bears at the Detroit Zoo, visit www.detroitzoo.org.