The world is still in search of resources to slow the spread of COVID-19 and it seems that one solution may have been on your wrist all this time!

Researchers from Mount Sinai have found Apple Watch can detect small changes to a user’s heartbeat which could signal the onset of COVID-19 up to seven days before individuals are diagnosed with the infection!

In the “Warrior Watch Study,” the Mount Sinai researchers followed a group of 297 health care workers between April 29th and September 29th. The participants wore Apple Watches equipped with special apps that measured changes in their heart rate variability (HRV). “The watch showed significant changes in HRV metrics up to seven days before individuals had a positive nasal swab confirming COVID-19 infection,” said study author Robert P. Hirten, MD.

The PGA Tour began using the technology last year and it’s being credited with indirectly helping golfer Nick Watney detect that he was positive for COVID-19.