Prince Harry of the British Royal Family has been in the news recently following his Oprah Winfrey interview with wife Meghan Markle stirred up major controversy.

Now, there is a new development that could cause for more embarrassment for the Royal Family and Prince Harry himself.

TikTok users like the one in the video below and conspiracy theorists all over the internet are claiming that Prince Harry’s real father is not Prince Charles, but James Hewitt, a British Army officer that Princess Diana was having an affair with!

Diana Princess of Wales and Prince Charles with newborn Prince Harry

Steve Wood/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time these rumors have surfaced, but Hewitt himself has denied that he is the biological father of Prince Harry. The similarities in their appearances have certainly contributed to the rumor mill.

James Hewitt sits on a bench in Hyde Park

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Princess Diana admitted to having an affair with Hewitt in the mid-90s when he had been asked to give her riding lessons. Prince Harry was born in 1984. Hewitt said, “When I first met Diana, Harry was already a toddler. I can understand the interest, but Harry was already walking by the time my relationship with Diana began. Admittedly, the red hair is similar to mine, and people say we look alike.”

Prince Charles and Prince Harry

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