Even those of us who have been driving for years are capable of forgetting some important road rules!

Experts say there are three things people tend to overlook while hitting the road.

Practicing driving skills

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  • Forgetting to check all your mirrors.

Sometimes drivers check one or two places and not all three. Ideally, with any lane change you should check your rearview mirror, the appropriate side-view mirror, and then glance over that same shoulder just to be sure there is no traffic in your blind-spot that you wouldn’t see.

A headlight on a 2002 Honda Civic

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  • Using turn signals to tell other drivers on the road where you are going.

You want to make sure you are signaling early in advance, at least a half a block away, when we get ready to make a turn or change lanes just to make sure others know your intentions and give them time to prepare and react to the situation.

Police Officer makes a late night traffic stop

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  • Speeding.

Speeding is the top factor leading to crashes here in metro Detroit, according to Michigan State Police.

The MSP says other factors include following too close and distracted driving, which can also play into speeding.

A driver uses a phone while behind the wheel of a car

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Drive safe out there & keep your radio tuned in to 105.1 The Bounce!!