(Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Happy birthday, Biggie. In honor of what would’ve been the late, great rapper’s 48th birthday, here are five interesting facts about B.I.G. One of the greatest!

Tupac reportedly bought Biggie his first Rolex. Of course, Tupac and Biggie were buddies before the major rap feud, which started the East vs West Coast rap fight. That friendship, reportedly, included Tupac giving Biggie his first Rolex.

Biggie was an influential ghostwriter. He ghost wrote a bunch of jams, including “Queen Bitch” for Lil’ Kim, among others.

P Diddy discovered him an interesting way. Back in 1992, P Diddy saw Biggie featured in The Source’s Unsigned Hype column and could tell he had skills!

Michael Jackson gave him a nod. Jackson requested the chance to work with Biggie on “This Time Around.” An honor for both!

Biggie was the master of pranking his friends! Check out the video below.

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