Living That BOUNCE Life

Recently, we told you about a woman in North Carolina who took in animals in her community as Florence approached the Carolinas.

We also informed you that the woman, Tammie Hedges, could face charges after sheltering animals in an unregistered shelter.

According to CBS News, Hedges has been arrested and has been charged with practicing veterinary medicine, without the needed license to do so.

Hedges, along with members of her organization, Crazy’s Claws n Paws, housed 27 animals during the hurricane.

Then, last week, they received strongly worded communication from animal services in Wayne County, that stated the group must surrender the animals or they would issue a warrant to seize the pets.

Hedges complied, but the charges filed extend beyond just housing animals without the shelter being registered.

The woman admitted to administering an antibiotic to some of the pets, in addition to an ointment.

Furthermore, authorities said she also requested a donation of a popular painkiller prescribed to animals while housing the pets.

While we initially thought it was outlandish Hedges could be charged for helping animals during a state of emergency, imagine if a daycare operator administered medication to children without their parents knowing. Outrage would follow.

How do you feel about this story now that new details have surfaced? Surely Hedges had the best of intentions, but perhaps giving these pets medication wasn’t the best decision without the approval of a veterinarian.

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