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The average price for gas in California hit $6 a gallon this week and now the experts at JPMorgan are warning that we could see those prices being the national average before summer is wrap!

With Russia invading Ukraine, we’ve seen gas prices at an all time high and it hasn’t gotten better. It’s now taking about $100 for me to fill up my gas tank! Had I known gas prices were going to surge, I wouldn’t have bought that damn Durango!

Natasha Kaneva, head of global oil and commodities research at JPMorgan, told CNN that we could see $6.00+ a gallon by the end of August. It doesn’t make it any better that everyone will be out driving this summer and it could be hard to satisfy demand.

Here’s what’s scary: The national average for regular gas rose has gone up AGAIN to a record high of $4.52 of gallon, according to AAA. Pump prices are up by 15 cents in the past week and 44 cents in a month.

The only three states with an average price under $4 a gallon are Georgia, Kansas and Oklahoma.

We haven’t hit $5 a gallon yet thankfully but be ready as it is predicted it will happen sooner than later! Oh, and if you’re thinking about a vacation in California, maybe you should think again! L.A. is paying about $6.07 a gallon with San Francisco at $6.27!

I’m going broke paying for gas! HELP!

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