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BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 29: The photographer's laptop computer and camera lie on the desk in the room of his son, who is away at university, that the photographer was using during the Covid-19 isolation of his wife and on the 2nd day of his 14-day quarantine at home during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic on October 29, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. The photographer went into mandated quarantine following the positive Covid-19 infection of his wife. After three days of fever and headaches she made a speedy recovery, has shown no lingering consequences and finished her mandated isolation at home on November 3. In keeping with Berlin city health guidelines the photographer began his 14-day quarantine after the last day his wife showed infection symptoms and passed the time in their apartment with home office work for his employer, cooking, household upkeep, bicycle maintenance, reading and following the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. He also underwent a Covid test, which returned with a negative result. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

How would you feel about working from home as a legal right? I mean, at this point we’re STILL doing Zoom meetings, having COVID breakouts at work and daycares being shut down from time to time.

In the Netherlands, they are working on making work-from-home a legal right.

Their parliament approved legislation to make work from home a legal right. It still has one more legal hurdle to jump before going into law. You know the people there have to be STOKED!

The new legislation would force employers to consider employees requests to work from home and to provide a reason if they choose to deny the request.

I worked from home this week and I will say, I got more work done at home than I did in the office because I wasn’t interrupted every 5 minutes! Shoutout to the home office!

You think this legal right could ever come to the US? One can hope so!

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