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Well Well Well. . .Look what we have here!  Michigan coach is into some freaky things apparently.  

The young lady is only 18 and impressionable as all hell.  I don’t blame her…I BLAME HIM!  Although legally she was an adult, to me. . .when you’re given the responsibility of caring for and leading the younger generation and you take advantage. . .you should be jailed, period!

Turns out this was 39 year old assistant gymnast coach for the University of Michigan.  Scott Vetere was arrested for having sex in public with the 18 year old member of the UM gymnast team.

They found an Ann Arbor apartment building parking lot to get down in on Oct 8th.

Of course the 18 year old was arrested as well but who do you blame???  Vetere was immediately suspended and later resigned from his gig.  Shame. 

U of M assistant gymnastics coach resigns after public sex arrest

An assistant gymnastics coach at the University of Michigan has resigned after being arrested for having sex in public.