The NFL season is entering Week 10 of 17 . . . so we’re 53% through . . . and already, EIGHT teams have been effectively ELIMINATED from the playoffs.  That’s one-fourth of the 32 teams overall.



That’s “effectively eliminated” because MATHEMATICALLY it’s still possible.  Like how it’s mathematically possible for you to win the Powerball jackpot.



Here are the eight teams, along with anecdotes about their seasons . . . plus their records, and the VERY long odds that they’ll actually make the playoffs, according to



1.  The 1-7 Oakland Raiders, less than a 1% chance.


Coach Jon Gruden says other players are contacting him, and saying they are, quote, “dying” to play for the Raiders.



2.  The 2-6 Arizona Cardinals, with less than a 1% chance.


Both of the Cardinals’ wins came against the San Francisco 49ers.



3.  The 2-7 San Francisco 49ers, with less than a 1% chance.


Backup QB Nick Mullens was so anonymous before his breakout performance against the Raiders that he got ‘verified‘ by Twitter DURING the game.



4.  The 1-7 New York Giants, with less than a 1% chance.


Now that the Giants’ season is effectively over, it would seem that Eli Manning’s tenure as the team’s starting quarterback is on the clock.



5.  The 2-7 Buffalo Bills, with less than a 1% chance.


The Bills’ quarterback situation is so bad EJ Manuel is ripping them for still giving Nathan Peterman a job . . . and Bills fans have launched a GoFundMe to pay for Peterman’s retirement.



6.  The 2-6-1 Cleveland Browns, with less than a 1% chance.


Turnover margin is typically the best indicator of team success.  The Browns lead the NFL with a +11, but they only have two wins.  That was probably a factor in the recent dismissal of coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley.



7.  The 3-6 New York Jets, with a 1% chance.


Sam Darnold is on pace for 25 interceptions, but that is still short of Peyton Manning’s record for most thrown by a rookie.  Manning threw 28 and says it’s the one record he owns that he hopes is broken.


Unfortunately, Darnold might be spared thanks to a foot injury that’s expected to keep him on the shelf for at least this week.



8.  The 3-6 Denver Broncos, with a 2% chance.


The Broncos have three wins, but they have lost six of their last seven, and their next three games are against the Chargers, the Steelers, and the Bengals.



(Business Insider)