Whats up Wold! Your favorite guy (Vyto; your current S & E TOP 3 CHAMPION) from your favorite podcast S &E TOP 3 is back to talk trailers so lets get into it!

We’re two trailers deep and I ask has the excitement hit you for the Captain Marvel movie yet? Well, if you said “Yes”, your ready for the one woman recking crew to come and save the avengers in Avengers 4 Endgame! If you said “No” then I may tend to agree. After watching my favorite heroes struggle to survive against the almighty threat that is Thanos I wanted to see the OG Avenger team come together for one last battle for the ages.

I get it, Robert Downey Jr can’t play Iron Man forever, and we need the next generation to step up in this Universe, but I would argue he could if he wanted to but thats neither here nor there! I just wanted to see the team I’ve come to love over this past ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe come together and Avenge (See what I did there 😉 ). Now theres all the chance in the world that Im being overly dramatic and Captain Marvel could be the best thing since sliced bread, but theres a chance she could not fit at all as we discuss on the S & E top 3 podcast!

Not to seem so negative on Captain Marvel movie there are a couple things I’m looking forward to in the movie though.

  1. How Nick fury losses his eye ( I’m saying the cat did it)
  2. Were there no other heroes in the 90’s
  3. Sexy villain Jude Law
  4. Where has she been the world was almost destroyed by a god and a psychotic android guess thats not important enough?
  5. If Thanos snap erased half the population of the known universe how do we know she wasn’t in the group that got snapped?
  6. Which hero currently is she going to revel to us that they’ve been a skirl this who time. (OMG, you don’t think it could be Iron Man do you? No of corse not! Right?!?)

Any who they released the avengers trailer and now I’m that much more excited to get past Captain Marvel, cause to me thats just an appetizer to the 4 course meal that is Avengers 4 :Endgame!

So clearly you know where I stand Ive linked both trailers below, let me know where you stand?


Captain Marvel

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