The Obamas made a deal with Netflix to bring unscripted and scripted shows to the streaming service and they’ve enlisted some industry veterans to help them in their cause…
President And Mrs. Obama Attend National Christmas Tree Lighting

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Their production company, Higher Ground Productions, has hired veterans from MTV, ESPN, FX Networks, and VH1 to bring “new and diverse voices” to their offerings for Netflix.
When talking about the people who are joining their team, President Obama said, “Michelle and I couldn’t be more excited about the team we’re assembling.”
Michelle added, “Our goal isn’t just to make people think, we want to make people feel and reach outside their comfort zone.”
Are you anxious to see what their production company will offer?
What subject do you think their first show will touch on?

‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery will have new evidence heard by court in his case…

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Memorial

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According to Fox 11, Kathleen Zellner Avery’s attorney, filed a motion that will be heard in the The Wisconsin State Court of Appeals lower court.

She alleges that investigators violated the state law by mishandling evidence in the case of Teresa Halbach.

Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey are currently serving life in prison BUT… Attorney Kathleen says “My experience with my clients… has been that someone who’s innocent just never stops trying to clear themselves,” she also explained. “I’ve always said if Steven Avery were offered a deal tomorrow, that if he would admit to the murder he could serve one more year and be free, but convicted of the murder, he would never do that. He would rather die in prison… He believes very strongly that if the evidence, the correct evidence is presented, that the system will eventually work.”

Do YOU think Steven Avery can prove his innocence?


Winter Weather Advisory

It’s gonna be a snowy and slippery start to your Wednesday Morning as another winter weather advisory is in effect until 2pm for Metro Detroit…

Early Winter Snowstorm Hammers Chicago Area

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We’ll experience some light snow showers through 10am and the snow scatters are expected to slow up around 3pm.

Be sure to drive with caution, and leave for your commute earlier than usual in case the snow plows haven’t hit your area.

Temps should be in the teens by 3pm and rise to the high 20s almost 30s, into the evening.

Click HERE for a list of updated school closings