Jaden Smith was in Flint, MI over the weekend for the launch of his company’s new water filtration system ‘The Water Box’!

Jaden returned to Flint with his mother Jada Pinkett Smith, to help introduce the new portable water filtration system…

“I’m really excited, Love Flint. I’m so excited for the water bottles,” he said.

The Water Box goes through four different stages of filtration to reduce potential contaminants such as metals and bacteria.

Jada also announced during their visit that she plans on donating money for a second water box in the future.

“I think it will help, because you can get your own jug. Get a gallon. Any empty bottle will do,” resident Henry Flowers said.

Flint’s Mayor says the Smiths have kept their word and has been very committed to the city.

“I remember when I met Jada Pinkett Smith and she said, ‘We are not going to forget about Flint’, that was right after we declared the emergency, and they haven’t, Mayor Weaver said.

The launch of the water box was held at First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, they have been working on the project with several organizations, including Jaden’s eco friendly group called JUST.

The church says people can bring jugs and collect water from the system on Thursdays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm…


The Removal Of Tampon Sales Taxes Is In The Talks…

A group of democratic lawmakers and women’s rights activists in Georgia, have joined together at the state’s capitol…

Legislation is being supported to eventually remove taxes on menstrual products!

In November 2018, Nevada became the 10th state to exempt feminine hygiene products from sales taxes…

The other states include New York, Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Females starting from age 10 up to at least 54 spends about $63 each year per person just on menstrual products.

Proponents also makes arguments about “tampon tax” being a form of gender discrimination, and women and young ladies should not be taxed for products that are widely considered as  a necessity and not a luxury item…

How do YOU feel about taxes on tampons?


Million Dollar Grant for Detroit Artist Community Launched by TIDAL!

As JAY-Z’s TIDAL enters its fifth year as a subscription-based music, podcast and video streaming service, the company is looking to invest in creatives in a new way.

“The TIDAL Rising program is incredibly special to everyone at TIDAL -– from the interns to the artist-owners — we recognize the power of streaming and the importance of supporting and encouraging emerging musicians,” Jason Kpana, TIDAL’s SVP of artist relations, shared in a statement. “Being able to expand the program to support musicians in an authentic and substantial way is truly an honor.”

According to a press release, the program will kick off in Detroit on March 1, where Lampert’s grandfather began his own musical career.

Artists in the Motor City who are selected for the program will work closely with the TIDAL Unplugged team to continue developing their careers. The program, which will be personalized for each contestant, will utilize a variety of resources that include covering living expenses, equipment, studio time and more. Artists will have access to recording and creative experts, too.

Local artists from all genres are encouraged to apply to the program and submit their music. However, submissions must be performed a capella or acoustically and must not rely heavily on digital elements.

Once the artists are selected to participate in the first stage of the program, they will then go on to work on four songs. TIDAL will assist with distribution and promotion. Additionally, artists will be able to maintain full ownership of their recording masters. The program will offer a TIDAL Unplugged showcase concert in November.

Detroit residents can apply here beginning on March 1st… Finalists will be announced in May!


Ladies, Have You Heard Of The ‘Keto Crotch’? If Not, You Might Want To Continue Reading…

The Keto diet is the high fat, low carb diet that a lot of people are doing and seeing weight loss success.

However, there IS a side effect to the diet, and a lot of women have been taking to message boards to find out if they are alone in this new, “funky junk” phenomenon.

Women have been clogging message boards like Reddit to find out if anyone else is experiencing an unpleasant odor from their lower “lady parts” that is now being called “keto crotch.”

There is no research that confirms “keto crotch” as a direct side effect BUT a high fat diet, like keto, could effect the pH levels in the vagina which could lead to the growth of odor-producing bacteria.

Have you heard of or tried the keto diet?