Nikki Vaughn

Weekdays 10am-3pm

Still looking for a fun Halloween costume this year!? Nikki Vaughn is going to show you how to re-create her DIY Marge Simpson! 

According to Nikki, this is a really easy costume to make and fun to wear at Halloween parties!

  1. Start with a yellow morph suit from Walmart. Cut small holes for your eyes and mouth. If you don’t want to purchase the suit you can always use yellow body paint. However, removing the paint can be somewhat messy. So you can try a yellow turtle neck with  yellow stockings, works just as well.
  2. If you don’t have Marge’s signature green dress tube dress already hanging in your closet you can purchase one. Nikki found hers on Amazon for $12.99.
  3. Nikki already owned red pumps. No worries if you don’t, try red flats or red chucks for a more comfy costume.
  4. The red beads were found at party city for $1.00.
  5. Marge’s iconic blue hair was made from an egg crate mattress pad. Nikki then hot glued the pad on a poster board and spray painted it blue. There are tons of ways you can create Marge’s hair –from bubble wrap to cotton balls. Nikki used the pad to give her costume a more cartoon-ish look.
  6. Last but not least are the eyes! Nikki bought a pair of glasses at the dollar store and 2 white foam balls from Joann Fabrics that were already cut in half. She then cut a hole in the middle and colored around the hole black. Next either black pipe cleaners or construction paper for the lashes and glue them to the balls. Once the lashes are on glue the eyes on the glasses and there you have it…Marge Simpson!