Last month, the internet was set ablaze by Popeyes Chicken Sandwich mania.  Videos of people fighting over them popped up all over the place, Popeyes memes were at an all-time high, and some people even made some money by buying up the sandwiches in bulk and reselling them.

Fast forward one month, and online retailer Yandy is proving that the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is still the viral meme that will not die.

Dubbed the “Sold Out Chicken Sandwich” costume, Yandy has released a Halloween costume that is eerily reminiscent of Popeyes’ legendary culinary creation.  The caption for the costume on the company’s website reads:

Winner, winner chicken dinner…or so you thought. A few too many fast food lovers fantasized about this five star fried feast. Is it due to that unbelievable batter or maybe its drool-worthy bun? Either way, these seasoned breasts will be back on full display in no time. Be the hottest Southern chick in town, and send your babe’s taste buds turning in this exclusive Sold Out Chicken Sandwich costume featuring a light brown velour bodysuit with a strapless neckline, a ruffled bodice with a fuzzy textured chicken patty interior, a white SOLD OUT stamp, a cheeky cut back, and matching ruffled bun arm puffs.

Just when we thought the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich fever was a thing of the past, Yandy brings it right back for the Halloween season!

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