Halloween is next week! Are you still looking for a costume? Nikki Vaughn shows you how to recreate two of her favorites…Rosie The Riveter and Edward Scissor hands!  

Rosie The Riveter : Nikki found an old jean jumper at the Salvation Army as well as black military boots. If you can’t find those items, try a jean shirt and pants with black tennis show. You can go to  JoAnn Fabrics for polka-dot material for ahead wrap and use yellow card board for the sign. On blue construction paper paint the words, “We can Do It!” and glue that to the card board. To wear the sign, Nikki cut a whole in the board and looped her belt.

Edward Scissorhands: What you’ll need – A white button down, black turtle neck, gray pants, black suspenders, black shoes and safety pins! For the hands, Nikki cut card board and spray painted it silver to look like scissors. Once dried, she hot glued those to black gloves which were fun to wear until it was time to eat! Nikki took a glue stick and a bobby pin to make the scars on her face and smeared eyeliner around her eyes for a darker look.