Disney made headlines last week with the official launch of its brand-new streaming platform, Disney+.  The new streaming platform was the talk of the internet, and over 10 million subscribers signed up within 24 hours of launching.

But, if you are one of the 10+ million people who signed up for Disney+ last week, there is some potentially bad news that you need to be aware of: hackers have already began to target Disney+ accounts for theft.

In its first few days, many Disney+ users complained about technical glitches and errors on the platform.  A smaller group of users had an even more concerning complaint: that hackers had stolen their accounts, changed the password, and effectively locked them out.

(Photo Illustration by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

These complaints were corroborated when several publications looked on known online hacking forums and found several stolen Disney+ accounts listed for sale.

Several customers took to Twitter to complain and vent about the theft of their accounts.  One even blamed Disney for a lack of security on the platform.

Experts are recommending that Disney+ users switch their account names and passwords to something totally unique that they do not use for other services.  That way, if you are hacked, hackers cannot use your password to access other accounts you won.

Disney has been contacted by several media outlets about the issue of account hacking, and Disney has yet to issue a response.

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