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(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

What do you think is the highest-risk thing you touch at the grocery store when it comes to the virus and other germs?

In light of the pandemic, grocery stores have increased their cleaning and disinfecting measures. But how well is that working? In Toronto, Canada, 24 grocery stores had high-touch surfaces swabbed. Unsurprisingly the surface with the most bacteria was the PIN pad used during checkout.

… The surface with the second-highest bacteria count was the shopping basket handle.

… Tied for third place were the freezer door handle and the front of the shopping cart (opposite end of where you push).

… Fourth was the baby seat in the shopping cart.

… The cleanest spot was the shopping cart handle, probably because staff are regularly cleaning those and stores are providing wipes so customers can also clean them.

What do you do to try to avoid germs at places like the grocery store?