Strange things are afoot on Planet Earth. The Utah Department of Public Safety were patrolling a Red Rock canyon when they spotted a monolith – a tall, metallic reflective structure – that had clearly been placed there. But the question is, by whom? The Public Safety Department admitted that it didn’t know who — or what — installed the monolith, and it wouldn’t even tell the public where, exactly, the structure stood in the large and remote southeastern corner of the state. Where did it come from? The public’s first guess? Aliens, of course. And those theories only grew stronger after the monolith suddenly disappeared!

But wait! There’s more! Days after the Utah monolith disappeared, another one surfaced in the country of Romania! The 13-foot tall, shiny triangular metallic pillar was found a few yards away from an ancient landmark in the city of Piatra. The origin of the structure has Romanian officials as baffled as their counterparts in Utah.

So, what does it mean?? Are aliens really coming this time? Will they be peaceful when they make contact? Will they invade and make us their pets? Or are they just trying to pick up some stuff they left behind and bouncing off this rock ASAP? 2020 is something else, isn’t it?? Read more below.

Another mysterious monolith has been discovered in Romania

In case you thought the story of the mysterious metallic monolith couldn't get any weirder, just remember it's 2020 and anything's possible. After the surprising discovery and subsequent disappearance of a monolith in the middle of the Utah desert earlier this month, it seems a similar object has been found in Romania.

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