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Not trying to break the bank this year on Christmas gifts!? We’ve got 6 inexpensive gives that everyone will love!

Homemade or Gourmet Food:  Store-bought or homemade, giving food as a gift is both thoughtful and inexpensive. Gourmet candy and hot sauces can be bargains, and there is always something to suit everyone on your list. Baking something and putting it in a fancy container is a great idea too. (If it lasts long enough to make it out the door…)

Festive Socks:  They’re a great way to add a splash of personality to a wardrobe, and there are lots of companies making novelty socks that fit great and feel amazing. They are inexpensive and you can find a pair to fit anyone’s personality. (OK…FIVE inexpensive gifts that everyone loves getting…)

Coffee or Tea (and accessories):  Full-bodied coffees that pair with a winter chill or teas flavored with holiday spices are easy to find this time of year and are perfect for the cold weather. There are also plenty of accessories, like mugs and French presses.

Books:  They’ve an inexpensive, thoughtful gift that you can match to anyone’s taste. This time of year, many paperbacks and even some hardcovers may be under $10. (Yes, they do still make books…)

Scarves and hats:  They’re are all over the place around the holidays, and you may be able to pick them up for under $10 in a wide range of styles and colors (Take it from someone who has been there: If your Grandma knits, check with her first!)

Bath Products:  Pretty much everyone could use a nice bath to unwind after the work week, and you can grab items like bath bombs for under $10. There are even aromatic coffee soaps you can give to those who may not be the type to sit in lavender-scented water. (10 bucks? Apparently the people on my list aren’t the only ones who will be getting soaked this Christmas!)