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(Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Kids today aren’t learning many of the old school skills that we were taught growing up. Here’s some that are becoming obsolete. 

☞ Reading and writing in cursive:  These days, it seems he only time kids need to know cursive is when they get cards from their grandparents. (Oh, and signing their names . . . I hope!)

☞ Dialing a rotary phone:  Although kids could learn this skill in about a minute, let’s face it, NO ONE needs this skill anymore. (But it sure would be fun watching a youngster try!)

☞ Sewing:  Martha Stewart says its still important for practical and educational reasons . . . it can help develop planning and math skills, and hand-eye coordination. (Is the fact that ripped jeans are so popular because no one can sew anymore?)

☞ Navigating with a map or compass:  Reading maps helps build spatial reasoning skills, and understanding compass directions can also be handy in a pinch. It’s tough to compete with the technology behind a map app, though. (Another lost skill: FOLDING a map!)

☞ Driving a standard-shift car:  It may be a cool skill to have, but only 1.2% of cars sold in 2019 had manual transmissions. (I wanted to learn to do this, but I couldn’t find a manual!)

☞ Looking something up in a dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia:  It’s difficult enough to FIND one of these in book form, let alone actually look something up. In fact, there is only ONE general encyclopedia still in print today. (You can’t use a dictionary? I have no words…)

☞ Remembering phone numbers:  Who does THIS anymore?
(On the other hand, today’s youth are awesome at having a pizza delivered anywhere, anytime…without speaking to anyone!)

What skills have you noticed that kids today don’t know?