Gift cards are terrific holiday gifts to give and receive, especially if they come from a great local business! But experts are saying you should use those gifts cards or gift certificates soon or you could lose them!

According to WXYZ, the savings site is warning consumers that many shops and restaurants are on the verge of closing their doors due to the pandemic and that you should use those gift cards and certificates or they could end up being useless.

They did suggest that if you find yourself with a gift card to store that had to close, you could try and call a similar business nearby…they may honor them to get you as a customer!

People urged to use holiday gift cards quickly as some businesses struggle during pandemic

(WXYZ) - Use them or lose them: That could be the motto for most gift cards you received over the holidays, especially with the number of stores that have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eileen Pike loves to support local shops and small businesses, so she bought her aunt $75 in gift cards to a movie theatre that shut down for good during the pandemic.