Snoop Dogg made a guest appearance on TNT’s All Elite Wrestling Dynamite tv show this week and took out some bad guys!

After a match featuring good guy AEW wrestlers Cody Rhodes and Matt Sydal, Serpentico and Luther (the bad guys) entered the ring and began to beat on the fan favorites! Things were starting to get out of hand until our favorite high flying hero, the Snoop D-O-Double-G, came to the rescue!

XXL Magazine reports, “Snoop Dogg climbed onto the top rope and performed a frog splash move, in which he can be seen jumping off the rope and onto Serpentico, who is lying on the wrestling mat.” While Snoop has the wrestler on the ground, he pulls Serpentico’s right leg toward the athlete’s face in a pinning position, ending the match!

This was Snoop’s first appearance for the AEW Wrestling league. But Snoop, who is a life long pro wrestling fan, has appeared and performed on WWE television show a number of times through the years.

And did you know?? WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks is Snoop’s cousin! In fact, the Superstar credits her cuz as the one who helped flame her passion for wrestling by taking her backstage for a WWE show when she was a young fan!

WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks at the 2017 BET Awards at Microsoft Square on June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.