Here’s a good way to make sure you don’t get any action on vacation . . .

A woman recently took to Reddit where she slammed her boyfriend for sending her an invoice for their first-ever romantic getaway!!

He is an accountant and broke down every expense for the weekend on a spreadsheet. The woman says her boyfriend treated her like a client.

She posted: ”He’d attached a spreadsheet with our names in it, literally breaking down the cost of everything to the cent, with the final add up of everything telling me I owed him $167.99. I found
this to be a huge mood killer given we are in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, but I told him that as the trip is only overnight, and relatively inexpensive (less than $200) it wouldn’t
really matter if we just cancelled if it came to it – or I could take a friend.”

Seriously, bro??

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Woman is upset after boyfriend sends an INVOICE for 'romantic trip'

An unnamed woman took to Reddit to voice her upset after her boyfriend sent her an itemized invoice for $167.99 to cover her half of their trip away She said she would have been happy to pay for half of their weekend, but said she felt 'weird' that her accountant