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After you get your COVID-19 vaccine, it might be tempting to celebrate by having a glass or wine or some bubbly brews.

But should you really drink alcohol following your vaccine?

The U.S. government currently doesn’t have an official recommendation on drinking alcohol before or after any of the available vaccines.

Health.com checked in with some experts to find out if consuming alcohol surrounding a vaccine is a good idea.

Largely, they advised against it. Bummer!

“Vaccine side effects include muscle aches and pains and feeling under the weather. Compounding that with the side effects of alcohol runs the risk of making you feel worse,” Tania Elliott, MD, clinical instructor of medicine at NYU Langone Health, told Health.com.

Jagadeesh Reddy, MD, infectious disease specialist with Providence Mission Hospital in Orange County, California, added to that, telling Health.com, “Though there is no data on this, it is advisable to abstain or reduce alcohol intake for the first 48-72 hours after vaccination as this is the usual period one might expect common and usually mild after effects of vaccination, like fatigue, muscle aches, injection site pain, etc.”

So, what should you do instead of getting hammered after your shot?

Rest up and make sure you’re fully hydrated.

Save the alcohol fun for a few days later, and, as always, drink responsibly.

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