The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of Americans’ daily lives, including their budgets.

Roughly two-thirds of Americans say their spending habits have changed since the start of the pandemic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re spending less money!

A recent survey uncovered the Top 5 things people are spending less money on, along with the Top  5 things people are spending more money on!

Top 5 Things People Are Spending Less Money On

1. Clothing – 34%

A clearance clothing rack at T.J.Maxx

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2. Cosmetics – 30%


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3. Transportation/commuting – 25%

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4. Entertainment – 24%

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5. Alcohol – 21%

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Top 5 Things People Are Spending More Money On

1. Coffee – 45%

A woman drinking a cup of black coffee

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2. Streaming subscriptions – 36%

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3. Package delivery/shipping costs – 35%

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4. Technology – 33%

Black Friday online shopping purchases

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5. Cell data – 33%

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