Looks like Soulja Boy is beating DaBaby in being the most generous rapper.

Social media didn’t take well to DaBaby only giving kids $4 for the candy that they were selling and felt like the rapper should have given more. Soulja Boy decided to give the kids an alleged bankroll for their product and didn’t even take the candy. It’s unclear if these were the same kids DaBaby interacted with earlier this week but nonetheless, Twitter had some thoughts on the rapper’s “non-charitable” act.


DaBaby later defended his actions to Complex News, reasoning that he only gave the kids $4 to teach them the appropriate way in how to handle business.

“Any time I buy something from somebody hustling like that, I buy the whole thing, especially when it’s kids,” DaBaby explained to Complex News in a snippet of an interview dropping later this week. “Give them the opportunity to just make it make sense why you want $200 for this. You tell me, ‘Man I usually charge somebody this for the whole box I’m just going to charge you $2 all the way down.’”

The rapper continued, “I would have looked at them and gave them $1,000, but I respect their hustle. I ain’t curse them out, this and that. I gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy from each of them, then closed the door.”