CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Singer R. Kelly appears during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse on September 17, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Kelly is facing multiple sexual assault charges and is being held without bail.

Cheryl Mack, producer London on da Track’s mother, testified in the R. Kelly trial admitting she signed a pre-written affidavit to protect Kelly from sexual harassment claims, per Yahoo! News.

Mack served as the disgraced singer’s executive assistant from 2013-2015 where she claims she was forced to sign incriminating false apology letters, went without pay for periods of time, and watched him humiliate and abuse young women.

The two met back in 2005 for business and later in 2009 when Mack was a talent manager for a 17-year-old identified in court as “Precious.” Kelly had agreed to work with Mack on managing Precious.

Precious and Kelly’s partnership ended “abruptly,” Mack said in court and asked her to fly out to Chicago as Precious was threatening to sue.

“When she left, everything just happened so fast,” Mack said per Buzzfeed. “He told me she was trying to file a lawsuit, and I needed to pick a team.”

Kelly then said, “people come up missing” in situations like the one they found themselves in. “I took it as a threat,” she said per the outlet.

The disgraced singer’s manager then took Mack to the downtown Chicago office to sign an affidavit that had been fully written out. She admitted that since she was nervous she didn’t read the full legal document before signing. Mack then recalled a couple of yes-or-no questions about whether Kelly had ever had sexual relations with Precious or given her alcohol which she doesn’t recall answering.

Mack didn’t know if Precious’ lawsuit ever went through but later learned the allegations against Kelly had been “resolved” in some way.

Mack didn’t see Kelly again until 2013 where she worked with music executive Devyne Stephens and signed Kelly as a client. Mack later became Kelly’s primary client then worked for him as an executive assistant and noticed some odd interactions he would have with “female guests.”

At Kelly’s basketball games, the disgraced singer would have his “female guests” face a wall and not interact with any of the other guests, especially men walking in.

The former talent manager then discussed an occasion in 2015 where she was made to feel uncomfortable by Kelly. Mack accused Kelly of spoiling a surprise she had for his stylist. In a disagreement at a McDonald’s, Kelly began to raise his voice at Mack and cursed at her as he pounded a table.

“I just had enough,” she said about the interaction with Kelly. “And in that moment, I quit.” The trial resumes next week.