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Mean Jean at De'Twah Luxury Eyewear

If Detroit had an official brand, that brand would be Cartier. Buffs glasses have a rich history in the city and are used to mark special occasions, I learned that history for 313 Day. Detroit was founded by the French and named after the Detroit river (which is actually a straight) and named after the French pronunciation of “the strait.”

That’s where De’Twah Luxury Eyewear gets their name from, Rachel and Candice both have decades of experience in luxury eyewear. These Cartier glasses come with arms that are made of; wire, wood or Buffalo horns with the lenses being 100% customized so no two Buffs are the same.

Rachel, Candice and their Marketing Director, Erv taught me about how these glasses are used to celebrate milestones like; like prom, graduations or weddings and are often passed down through generations.

De’Twah is located in suite 313 (how perfect is that) of the Geeenfield Plaza with a brand new location in Royal Oak. Learn more about Buffs and De’Twah at, their official Instagram or their official YouTube.