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First of the Month Friendly Reminder

Tomorrow is the first of the month so I want to start off with my first of the month friendly reminder. You know, as a breast cancer survivor myself, I know how important it is for early detection. So, ladies (and gentlemen too!) make sure that you do your self-exams and schedule your mammograms! Here are some things to look out for.

monthly reminder

Food Trucks Downtown

Well, if food is your thing like it’s my thing, you need to head downtown because the Downtown Street Eats event is coming back this year. Over 80 food trucks and carts will rotate during the weekend for special events. They have diverse food options like Mexican and Asian and Greek and so much more. That’s going down at Cadillac Square weekdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and it starts April 10th through October. So you’ve got plenty of time to check it out and no reason not to.

Cardi B’s Family Movie Debut

Cardi B made an announcement on her Twitter yesterday and if you’ve got little kids, this is for you. Her family will star in the upcoming Baby Shark’s Big Movie. Cardi and Offset had previously appeared in one of the episodes of the TV show last April, and now there’s actually going to be a movie. So, they’re reprising their roles as “Sharky B” and “Off Shark”. Cardi tweeted a poster that shows other celebrities that are going to be involved, like Lance Bass and more. It’s supposed to air on Paramount, but there’s no release date yet. Be sure to keep an eye for that.


Megan Thee Stallion Throws First Pitch

Megan Thee Stallion has been in the spotlight quite a bit since the Tory Lanez trial. I told you how she got a lot of attention when she was glammed out at the Vanity Fair Oscar’s party a couple of weeks ago. And yesterday she threw out the first pitch at the Houston Astros game. Now, you know, that’s her hometown. And the announcer said that he was watching a practice and it didn’t look too promising. But actually, I think she did ok! She could have definitely done worse. She did better than 50 Cent when he threw out a pitch at a Mets game years ago. She threw it a little high and to the left, but hey, at least she tried. Megan is in Houston tonight as well for the kickoff to the March Madness Music Festival.

I’m Shannon Renee and that’s your Scoop!