Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is coming back to Detroit for a restitution hearing on August 23rd.  Kilpatrick is also trying to overturn his 28 year prison sentence for corruption. He is currently serving his sentence in Oklahoma. Get the latest from the Detroit News…

Kwame Kilpatrick headed back to Detroit

Kwame Kilpatrick's long-promised comeback is underway. The former Detroit mayor will be brought from an Oklahoma prison to Detroit for a hearing Aug. 23 concerning how much in restitution he'll be ordered to pay the city of Detroit, according to a court filing Monday.

Kim Kardashian was hit with a $100 million lawsuit today for the use of the LuMee illuminated smartphone case..

According to TMZ …”…a guy named Hooshmand Harooni says he got a patent back in 2013 for an “integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device.” If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a perfect description of the LuMee.”