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Talk about something NO ONE expected to find!

A Melbourne police officer decided to search Paradise Beach where a beach reveler found a suspicious package. The police officer went over to notice the package was wrapped in a way similar to narcotics.

On the package read “Diamantes” or diamonds in spanish. The brick was tested and sure enough, a kilo of cocaine!

20 miles north in Cocoa Beach, police found a duffel bag with 15 bricks of coke inside. Damn!

According to estimations that police made, one kilo of cocaine is worth between $20,000 and $30,000, meaning Tuesday’s total discovery could be worth in up to $400,000.

The duffel bag was turned over to US customs who are in the middle of an investigation.

Discovering items in a storm is not uncommon, especially a storm of this magnitude. Hurricane Dorian has already wrecked havoc on the Bahamas and set to produce heavy rainfall upon Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and parts of Virginia.

I’m sure whoever is responsible for these drugs is thankful it wasn’t found in their possession, but also sweating bullets hoping two and two isn’t put together!

Photo Credit: Melbourne Police Department

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