(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

It was a fairly normal day at the US-Canada border when Rahim Javorovac and a female passenger pulled up to a border inspection booth in a Nissan SUV with a Texas license plate.

Javorovac handed the border patrol officer two passports, stating that they belonged to him and his passenger.  There was just one problem though: the female in the passenger seat clearly did not resemble the woman depicted in the passport.

When the officer saw this, he requested a second form of identification.  Javorovac responded that she didn’t drive, and did not have one.  The officer then asked Javorovac if the passports were theirs, to which he responded “yes”.

The officer was suspicious, and he took the woman’s fingerprints.  When he ran them through the United States’ immigration database, she came back as Lenche Krcoska, a Macedonian immigrant who was recently denied entry into the United States.

The story behind this stop?  Krcoska is Javorovac’s mistress.  They dated for about a week when both lived in Macedonia, and recently reconnected over the internet.

The pair were plotting to be together again in America.

The question of this story is: whose passport was Javorovac using to smuggle his mistress into the USA?


That’s right; this man tried to smuggle his mistress into the country illegally by using his wife’s passport.  He has to be one of the stupidest men in the history of time.

Now that they have been caught, Krcoska was denied entry into the United States, and Javorovac was arrested.

I wonder who he is in more trouble with: his wife, or the government!