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Thanks to a recent care package Gov. Whitmer sent to ‘SNL’ actress Cecily Strong, I officially want to put down my Mich Ultra and switch to a Michigan made beer in honor of Gov. Whitmer’s witty gesture.

You may recall last week, Cecily Strong played the role of Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer during a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that didn’t make the live airing but was posted online after. The State of Michigan took notice — and so did Whitmer, who told Fox 2 that she found it funny, but took issue with Strong holding a Labatt Blue rather than a Michigan-made beer…

“We love Canada, but we drink Michigan beer,” Whitmer said, holding a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.

Gov. Whitmer took it a step further: She sent Strong a “care package” of Michigan beer and goodies, all from Comstock-based Bell’s Brewery, the largest and perhaps most recognizable independent craft brewery in the state.

…And Strong loved it!

“Got a giant and gorgeous Michigan care package sent to New York courtesy of that super cool woman from Michigan,” Strong wrote on Instagram. “Thank you @gewhitmer !!! Honestly, this blew me away!”

Kudos Governor Whitmer! This woman has been put in a tough situation and still finds time to playfully (and rightfully) set things straight while representing the great state of Michigan! #Cheers