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Thankfully even though my father didn’t grow up in the household, he was in my life. However, I didn’t go to live with him until I was a teenager and I sometimes wonder how to do certain things. For example, I’m terrible with cars!

Rob Kenney, a father from Washington grew up without a father and thought it would be helpful to other children who were in his situation to have tools to learning certain things that they might learn from their dad.

He created a YouTube channel, “Dad, How Do I?” which provides kids and teens with “useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.”

Maybe it’s learning how to tie a tie (which I stumble with), or how to check your oil, Rob has it all!

Here’s a video of his:

How to shave your face.

How to shave your face.

Rob, you’re a good human. Thank you for what you do!