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The mask rules have gotten stricter after this announcement was made by Governor Whitmer on Friday.

Effective immediately, businesses can’t assume unmasked customers have medical justification for entering without a mask and must ask them to confirm.

My girlfriend works in retail and she has a new story every day about a person who claims they can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition that they have. I’m sure there’s a condition that exists, but really bro? If you’re lying about that just because you don’t want to wear a mask, you’re acting like a big baby. I’m not gonna lie, the masks are annoying but to try to use an excuse just so you don’t have to wear one, you’re being selfish and stupid. Period!

In addition to that being announced, the new order also requires public safety officers to wear face coverings unless that would seriously interfere with doing their jobs.

According to Click On Detroit, here are other key mentions. –

  • Whitmer warns ‘spotty compliance’ has Michigan on track for more COVID-19 cases than first peak
  • Michigan will have to return to phase 3 of reopening plan if COVID-19 spike continues
  • Gov. Whitmer can’t understand violence ‘over wearing piece of cloth on your face’

I gotta agree with Big Gretch on this one. Not to mention, we’ve seen an uptick in cases in every region in Michigan. Wear a mask!

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