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Wow! I am so lucky I went to go to the “Tiger King Park” because now the doors are closed for good. Check out how my experience went here.

Reports say that Jeff Lowe, owner of the park had his USDA exhibitors license revoked forcing him to close but Jeff says that’s untrue and he voluntarily gave it up via a Facebook post on the park’s official page. He claims the USDA had “folded to the pressures of PETA” and were making “false accusations” against him.

Remember, back in May a judge granted ownership of the park to the world famous Carole Baskin after ruling that previous owner Joe Exotic, who’s now in prison for multiple crimes including a plot to kill Baskin, had fraudulently transferred ownership prior to Lowe taking over.

When I went to visit, his wife Lauren told me how they were closing that zoo soon and opening up a new park. That still seems to be the case however, Jeff now says that park will be a private film set for Tiger King related television content. It seems to me that the rumored Tiger King 2 could be coming. According to Jeff, Tiger King brought in a ton of income that will be used to take care of the animals long term.

Carole Baskin responded to this news with saying that she was waiting to find out what would happen to Lowe’s animals that were in the Greater Wynnewood facility.

This is getting real interesting real fast. I’m going to try to lock in another interview so I can get the tea!

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