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Photo Credit: Kaitlyn McCollum

When I tell you that I feel like I ruined my girlfriend’s birthday, that’s an understatement.

I know I’m totally being dramatic but I wanted everything to be perfect for my girlfriend Kaitlyn’s big day. Birthdays may not be as big of a deal when you’re an adult but it’s one day each year where I can spend a ton of money and spoil her and have a reason! Let me tell you how this went wrong….

I made the mistake of waiting until the last minute to shop for her and because of that, I didn’t properly check with other family members to make sure we didn’t get the same things. To be fair, I usually receive a list from her and the list I did get were screenshots and pictures of items she wanted so I had to piece things together and doing that at the last minute is an automatic setup for failure.

I was SO ready for her to open up her gifts that I had her open up some at midnight (she wanted to wait until later to open the rest). However, it was HER bright idea to video chat her mother who lives in Illinois to open up one of her gifts as well. Her mother had mailed everything for her birthday about a week prior so everything got here in time. You can guess where this is going. What did she open? THE EXACT SAME MAKEUP PALETTE THAT I GOT HER FROM MORPHE. Oh it gets worse. She wanted these water eye liner thingies, I really don’t even know what they are but I got them. Oh look, her mom got her those too. All I could say was “Oooof.” She’s so excited at this point and she’s thanking her mom and I immediately got jealous. I wanted her to have that excitement with my gifts and for her to be surprised at what I got! Her mom is usually the type to get the heartfelt gifts that are man-made or things you wouldn’t normally think of but she actually went all out. UGH.

After going to bed pretty salty, I ended up telling her what happened in the morning and let her open up the gifts I got her from Morphe. Turns out the water thingies were slightly different so that’s a plus and she was pretty excited about those, but my solution ended up costing me MORE money. I told her to return the palette and exchange it for something else. She did but because she was at the Somerset Mall, she just HAD to spend more money. She ended up going on a spree at PINK with MY debit card. Happy birthday dear! I learned my lesson!!

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