Before you know it, you’ll be turning up the heat on your thermostats and bringing out the gloves, scarves and big puffy jackets! And just as quickly, you’ll be disgusted with the average 33 inches of snow that Metro Detroit gets annually versus the 28 inches that the rest of the country gets.

But before that hits us, comes the excitement of the very first snowfall of the season.  Yes, it’s amazing how much love we have for that first snow fall and how much hate we have for the last.

(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

With that being said, I’ve done some calculating, and came up with a theory on when the most common date that the first snowfall will be (on average) in Metro Detroit. *Note, the earliest measurable Detroit snowfall on record happened on October 12th, 2006…

Ok, you ready? My prediction for the very first measurable snowfall in Metro Detroit will be on November 19th, 2020.  There ya go – mark it down.  Now…it’s YOUR turn to vote!

(Ps. It’s 2020, so if any weird weather anomalies are going to happen, well…It’s bound to be this year.)

Let us know YOUR prediction by guessing the week, below!